The Tri-Force Fire Eating Wand shoots 3 flames out from the vents at the tip of the handle and features a brush tip to act as a pilot light.

The fire eating wand features rings of jewels along the shaft that are raised for tactile enjoyment, as well as fine silver or gold detail on the main part of the handle. The torch looks simply gorgeous up close and provides a beautiful shimmer… especially from the stage!

The torch is covered in 2 layers of heat resistant heat shrink that diffuses the heat from the fire. This prevents the metal from ever getting hot enough to sear your lips if you accidentally touch them to the rod during fire eating practice.

The jewels and decals are underneath a layer of clear heat-shrink to ensure they stay put and are protected from the fire.

At the tip of the handle is a small tuft of wick to allow for Moon-Shots to almost always land on the tip for your advanced fire eating tricks.

Each one is hand made by Adam Lobo with extreme care and attention to detail. This is truly the finest and most functional fire eating torch available today.