EMPTY LED Dragonstaff Spoke


EMPTY LED Dragonstaff Spoke

Bring the light with you everywhere you go! LED Dragonstaff Spokes are made for serious fun.

  • Fits Flowlights or Capsule lights
  • Ultra durable
  • Shorter steel cable on Flowlight spokes to obtain optimal flow
  • Longer steel cable on Capsule spokes to obtain optimal flow
  • Total length of 19cm for Flowlight spoke
  • Total length of 16.5cm for Capsule
  • Weight with Capsule and Flowcap: 105g
  • Weight with Flowlight and Flowcap: 112g

Product Description

In the future, the Dragonstaff Glows with the power of LED

We all love that flow of the dragonstaff, but sometimes you just wanna play with a Glow Dragonstaff and avoid the soot. Not to mention damaging your wicks every time you drop it. LED Dragonstaff spokes are totally the in thing! Redefine they way you light up the night with these amazing LED Dragonstaff spokes created with FlowToys FlowLights and Capsule lights in mind for ease of use… but you can use the convenient shell and add your own custom LED rig too.

We put them together with Polycarbonate tube, a CNC’d plastic joiner and finished off with a welded steel cable. These badboys fit inside hubs from most dragon hub creators. Not sure about Gora Dragon hubs, but I’m sure someone will test it soon enough!

LED Dragonstaff spokes are more durable than your fire dragon spokes!

The best part about having an LED Dragonstaff is that its actually more durable than your fire dragon. When using Flow Caps from Flowtoys they cushion the unit more than adequately and allow for peace of mind when letting someone borrow your cherished toy. Play without fear and encourage others to play all while knowing that its a 1 in a hundred chance that any harm could come to your baby!



Additional Information

Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 17 x 4 x 4 cm

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