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LED Lightsaber Contact Sword


Available on backorder

LED Contact Sword Lightsaber

Bring the light with you everywhere you go! LED Contact Sword Lightsabers are now available! Modified from the Threeworlds Lightsaber swords for optimal contact flow. Floats like a feather, feels like butter.

  • 1.25 meters long (4.1 feet)
  • C5 LED unit in the handle with loads of settings (see setting list here – LINK)
  • Rubber flowers to catch that drag and increase precision while decreasing roll speed
  • Silicon Grip
  • PX3 style silicon knob on the tip
  • Added weight via way of a Threeworlds Dragon Hub
  • Flows like a buttered feather

Available on backorder

Product Description

In the future, the Blades of antiquity Glow with the power of LED

We all love that flow of the Contact Staff, but sometimes you just wanna play with a Glow Contact staff that looks like a lightsaber! We have modified an existing product to make it the right length (1.25 meters) and added flowers and weights for optimal flow. The center point is now halfway up the handle and provides the right placement for those strangely beautiful contact sword movements. Blow your friends away with your amazing contact staff skills translated to a light saber!

LED Lightsabers are more durable than your contact staff!!!

The best part about having an LED Lightsaber is that its actually more durable than your fire sword or fire contact staff. The polycarbonate tubing is forgiving enough to last those long nights of play and with replaceable AAA batteries you can be sure to never run out of light. Make your flow glow with the light of the future with these extremely fun to play LED Light Sabers from Threeworlds, modified for optimal flow by Razed in Flames.







Additional Information

Weight .650 kg
Dimensions 1.25 x 4 x 4 cm
# of Spokes

3 spokes $150, 4 spokes $170

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