Neon Green UV Reactive Spiral Dragonstaff Heads


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Neon Green UV Reactive Spiral Dragonstaff Heads

  • Glows under blacklight
  • Made of polyurethane
  • Semi-flexible but holds shape
  • Near indestructible – If you break it I will replace it! (not gonna happen  😉  )
  • No hardware required, fits snugly over any 22mm (7/8ths) diameter staff

Suggested on a Carbon Fiber 3 piece Collapsible Staff to make the ultimate travel Dragontaff – Available here – THREE PIECE STAFF



CLICK HERE to view the Spiral Dragon Category Page and check out the other Colours

46 in stock

Product Description

Neon Green UV Reactive Spiral Dragonstaff Heads are available through Razed in Flames.

Your purchase will support the flow arts in amazing ways. You are supporting an independent artist running a one man show that seeks to empower our comrades with the right tools, know how, skill and presentation in order to facilitate freedom from the shackles of mundane work. Your support means more than you know, not only to me (Adam Lobo) but also to every one I meet/ inspire/ teach/ help launch their business/ help refine their showmanship/ help build their website for free or for peanuts…

I want to remind you all…. that the flow-luminati is real – even if it’s just me thinking it is 😉 – I love you all and desire your success… we are all conspiring together to help you SUCCEED! <3



Adam Lobo



Additional Information

Weight .385 kg
Dimensions 42 x 42 x 8 cm

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