Brisbane Fire Show & Fire Performers

Brisbane Fire Show and Fire Performers

Brisbane Fire Show and Fire PerformersWe are here to introduce you to the magic of our Brisbane Fire Show. So, are you planning an event and want to make it the most exciting and special? Our Fire Performers are professionals with loads of experience and talent.

A Brisbane Fire Show will make you excited to see fire being tamed and controlled. But don’t get too excited! It’s a fairly dangerous art if you are not a professional performer… like us!

We guarantee that watching our fire show will make your event be remembered as a unique and amazing experience. To ensure you provide the best possible entertainment to your guests, you can hire our Fire Performers in Razed in Flames. Also, our artists can perform using a variety of instruments, from Dragon Staff to Poi. In fact, they have been trained in the fire arts for years and they are not only in love with their craft but also with the happy and smiling faces they get to see after a show!

Why a Brisbane Fire Show?

First of all, when you hire a Brisbane Fire Performer you hire a passionate performer that will make any event more special. Second, it’s extremely enjoyable to see how fire can dance in the ways you never imagined. Besides, every one you hire through Razed in Flames has been trained at the highest level, and all safety parameters are duly addressed. In other words, our Brisbane Fire Show will make your night shine like the sun!



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Why hire Fire Performers at Razed in Flames?

We provide a few options to hire: Meet and greet artists, Roving performers, Stage show and Ambient entertainments. Meet and greet artists will be located at the entrance of your event and also they will make everyone who enters will feel most welcome. Roving performers don’t use much equipment, so they can perform at every corner of an event. Also, it’s very convenient if you don’t have much space. Then, a Stage show. Various performers unite to make one performance you will not forget any soon. They will use all their passion and talent to make your event stand out. Also, this show may be customized to fit your taste. Fr this reason,  they provide most amazing Brisbane Fire Show. And certainly, this is the most popular format of Brisbane Fire Show. Finally, Ambient entertainments will be creating an atmosphere of a dancing fire all over the place.



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Therefore, If you wish to hire a Fire Performers or more, or if you want to find out more, contact a Razed in Flames representative now. The only requirement we need is that we need to have some sort of stage to be able to perform and in order to prevent having any possible safety or security issues, the Fire Acts can be performed either indoor or outdoor as long as those requirements are met. Equally important, that our Brisbane Fire Show Performers are very easy to hire. Also, if you have any questions feel free to leave us a message.



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Above all, at Razed in Flames you are going to get the best experience possible. Razed in Flames specializes in providing fiery entertainment in Australia and the US for more than 10 years. Besides, If you’re looking for something truly unique one, Brisbane Fire Show is the entertainment you have been looking for.

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Brisbane Fire Show and Fire Performers Brisbane Fire Show and Fire Performers Brisbane Fire Show and Fire Performers Brisbane Fire Show and Fire Performers