Dragonstaff Hub Comparison between the F3 and the V3

F3 vs V3 Dragon Staff Hub Compare



Differences between the V3 and the F3 Dragon Staff Hubs:




The V3 Hub: https://razedinflames.com/product/v3-dragonstaff-clamp-on-hub/


V3 Pros:

  1. clamp on style hub, fits over 22mm diameter or 19mm diameter
  2. takes 2, 3, or 4 spokes = there are 7 in total spoke points, not all 7 can be used at once, max is 4

V3 Cons:

  1. it is notably heavier/ bulkier

to enable a quick release function with it, you must purchase the Quick Release Fusion Adapter Add-on component ~ see a link to the product: https://razedinflames.com/product/fusion-quick-release-end-cap/


Summary of V3:

It offers more customization for spoke placement and orientation + does not require matching poles from us, AKA it can be ‘clamped’ onto any pole you have in your access that is close to either of the sizes it fits. If you want quick release capabilities it cost more. It is also heavier than the F3




The F3 Hub: https://razedinflames.com/product/fusion-f3-dragon-hub/


F3 Pros:

  1. F3 is optimized to be lightweight. It has inserts for 3 spokes
  2. it has built-in Fusion Quick Release connectivity. You can literally put your dragon together/ break-down in under 20 seconds! All parts can fit in most standard sized backpacks.

F3 Cons:

  1. F3 must be used with 3 spokes, no more no less.
  2. some people do not like the quick release (they have trouble getting to know it, and how to fix it if it appears to not be working – this is not an issue for me though, because I know it’s mechanism so well, I understand how to ensure connection = this is done by keeping it very clean, free from dust/ metal shavings, and maintaining the thread integrity on the internal bolt that compresses & expands the rubber bushes.

Summary of F3:

This is my preferred choice for my primary dragons. I prefer the F3 because of its lighter weight + its built-in quick release. I use F3’s for my Fire Dragon, which is permanently in my performance suitcase, as well as my main Spiral Dragon Claw Practice Dragon. It is especially preferred when using the Spiral Dragon Claws due to their 100gram per claw weight = basically, it provides a more familiar weight/ flow sensation when used with the Claws.



Good luck with your selection!

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