Is Fire Dancing the Right Career for You?

Fire dancing can add an extremely dynamic and festive edge to any gathering, and many people love to watch fire dancing performances. However, some people would rather be on the stage than sitting passively in the audience! If you’ve been considering fire dancing as a career, then here are a few helpful topics for you to mull over in order to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Do You Like Working Short Hours?

If you dislike traditional work schedules and dread the idea of sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, then one perk of fire dancing is that you’re likely to work short hours. Fire dancers generally only perform for a couple of hours at a time at the most. It’s also unlikely that you’ll be performing every day. According to this source, the vast majority of your time working as a fire dancer will actually be spent training for performances, learning new moves and practicing the old ones in order to thoroughly prepare for a flawless show. If you’d rather work in short bursts and then enjoy the flexibility of training whenever you prefer, then you might do well as a fire dancer. This type of schedule also tends to appeal to introverted individuals who get burnt out if they have to deal with people one-on-one for too long.

Do You Like Earning Money?

Your answer to this question is almost undoubtedly: “Of course!” Many people assume that fire dancing is too sporadic or unreliable to be a full-time career, but that isn’t the case at all. Most fire dancers do indeed have to start out with a few side gigs in order to build up their reputation and improve their methods. However, according to this source, before going pro, it’s important to make sure you have lots of experience. Once you’ve put in your time practicing and working hard as an amateur and advance to a professional level, then fire dancing definitely has the potential to be your primary source of income.

Are You Adventurous?

While fire dancing is a fun, exciting career that can be fairly lucrative once you get into your professional groove, keep in mind that it isn’t for everyone. There’s a fair amount of risk involved, and this career isn’t for the faint of heart! After all, you’ll be dancing with real fire and all the danger that goes with it. Fire dancing is an ideal career for someone who’s adventurous and willing to take risks in the name of doing what they love. You’ll also want to look into insurance that covers daily workplace hazards and will also cover you in case you can no longer work. According to this source, in 2017, 14 percent of workers indicated that they didn’t need disability insurance because they were healthy. Always remember that fire dancing is a career that demands considerable respect and consideration, no matter how healthy or skilled you are. It can be an exceptionally rewarding career, but its risks should never be taken lightly!

Fire dancing can be a fun, flexible, and lucrative career path, but it’s not for everyone. In order to decide whether fire dancing is something you truly want to do, consider the non-traditional hours, the earning potential, and the inherent risks involved.


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