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Dragonstaff is fast becoming the most popular instrument of the Flow Arts.
Many of us call Dragonstaff the Gateway Drug of Flow Arts. The visual appeal of the prop definitely makes people notice it! Especially the spiraldragons. When you combine the gentle learning curve with something so cool looking, it makes a perfect entry level prop for people looking to get into Flow Arts.

Because I care, I have curated some of the best Dragonstaves in existence here to help make your selection an easy one…  I know they will be to your liking.

Here you will find many varieties of the fabled dragon. We have Practice Spiral Dragon Heads. All Dragon kits are Modular because we love Fire and LED options.  LED kits can be customized for Flow-lights or Capsule Lights. All kits use 6 or 8 spokes so you can customize your rig. To top it off, we have quick release hub connectors and collapsible staff builds in Carbon Fiber or Aluminum! These are perfect travelling FlowMads.
If you have any questions about selecting a Dragon package, please consider getting in touch via the contact form in the top menu or on our Facebook Page.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Dragon Staff Kits

Fusion V3 Pure Dragon Kit



Spiral Dragon Claws

4.75 out of 5