Fire Eating

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Hollow Fire Eating Torches and Wands feature heatproof coating and beautiful designs.
Make sure you get the best hollow fire eating torches on the market. Adam Lobo produces stunning torches for fire eating that do amazing things. Some of them have swords hidden inside. Others provide a magic effect of turning 1 flame into 3. All fire eating products are able to be drawn from with hollow functionality.

Because I love fire eating so much, I have created some of the best torches in existence. I have them all here to help make your selection an easy one… I know they will be to your liking.

Here you will find many different kinds of fire torch. We have made sure all are beautiful an have special features. We are producing more themes everyday too. There are themes for every kind of costume or performance to make sure you match your prop

If you have any questions about the products or want to consider a custom job. Please don’t hesitate getting in touch via the contact form in the top menu or on our Facebook Page.