Fire Twirling Staff, Contact Staff, LED Staff and Fire Double Staff will keep you moving!

All spinning staff, LED Staff, Contact Staff, Collapsible Staff and Double Staff products listed here are curated by myself – Adam Lobo

I love contact staff because contact was the beginning of flow arts for me. Since then, I have worked with my fiends and peers to manufacture quality staves to sell. Now I curate these quality instruments and make some myself. I have them all here to help make your selection an easy one… I know they will be to your liking.

There are several designs from myself and the friends I have made over my 10 year flow arts journey Each have their own individual features. We are bringing more of our colleagues here everyday because I want to Maximize your Flow Arts Shopping Experience. There is something here for you!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are seeking something custom. ~ Flow Forward


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Aluminium End


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Aluminium Handle


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Carbon Fibre End


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Composite Handle


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Contact Fire End


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Contact Glow End


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Fire End


Breakdown Staff

Fusion Glow End


Single Staff

Isis Pro Fire Staff



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