Modular LED & Fire Fans with Tech or Russian  Grips. Tai Chi Double Sided Folding Fans too!

I am lucky enough to stock some amazing Fire Fans and more. Like the amazing Photon Modular Fans by my dear friend Brendan Rodwell. I also manufacture the highest quality. They are durable because of the bamboo ribs and double sided fabric. You can customize your flow arts tai chi fans too!

My favorite is definitely the Kung Fu fans! They so much fun to play in every occasion. Utility based too. They help me in the heat. They make a loud CRACK when opened and are weighty which makes them good to defend yourself with. Vibrant colors are great for the stage and daytime. Protect yourself from the rain.

3 years ago I began my journey into fans. By no means am I an advanced practitioner, but I do love to play. I am always seeking to provide the most durable, optimized for movement and cost effective flow arts props. I have curated some of them here for you. Making your Fire, LED and Folding Fans shopping experience an easy one.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are seeking something custom. ~ Flow Forward