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LED Dragonstaff, Fans, staves and collapsible staff products are live!
My 1st love is the LED Dragonstaff! Just WOW… Curating quality LED products is another part of my Flow Arts mission. Listed here are LED flow arts that I retail, retrofit and modify from a combination of LED manufactures.

My favorite is definitely the combination of Flowtoys Capsule Lights, polycarb clear tube and steel cable together with the Threeworlds Dragon Hubs and Collapsible Carbon Fiber Staff! Seriously, the best toy in the world is when you kit it out with a Quick Release Dragon Hub connector as well. The end result is a Durable AF, astoundingly visual, rechargeable LED Dragon that breaks down and can be put together in under 15 seconds. You will not believe how you ever lived without it.

There are many ways to hybridize the LED spinning toys you find here. If you have a special request please contact me. I am happy to see how I can help. Custom jobs welcomed. Feel free to contact me ~ Flow Forward