Learn how to eat fire online from the best in the business.

Adam Lobo will help you learn how to eat fire. Adam provides 1 on 1 private lessons in person or online. Group fire eating workshops happen around the world at different times. Make sure to follow Razed in Flames on Facebook to stay up to date with workshop times and locations.

Fire Eating is beautiful, classy, elegant. Because of its danger please seek professional knowledge. Prepare to burn a little… you will be greatly rewarded for pushing through with this practice.

Fire Eating is perfect for indoor performances if you can sway the venue management to let you have fire inside. When armed with the skills I teach, you be able to perform quality up-close fire content. This stuff is perfect for bars, cocktail parties, roving performances and of course, the STAGE!

Please ensure you have RSVP’s to a workshop or have communicated with Adam prior to purchasing a Fire Eating Lesson product. ~ Burn Bright, head towards the Light.