Pine Cones (Egg of Horus)

pine cone staff of osiris cadeceus3D Printed with TPU

One size fits all 😎 fits: 22mm, 19mm, and 16mm diameter tubes. The core has 3 tiers, each tier is dedicated to one of the 3 sizes. Fits all Fusion Carbon Fiber Staffs perfect.

12 fractal seed pods to represent the Zodiac

Inspired by the Crown Chakra, Pineal Gland, Golden Ratio and the Caduceus

Dive deep into more pine cone insights with this article from our friends at Third Eye Pinecones here

Combine with Spiral Dragon Claws to enable the Staff of Osiris

Staff of Osiris

🎦 instagram vid of Adam Lobo playing with the Staff of Osiris here 🎥

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pine cone staff of osiris cadeceus
Egg of Horus