capsule light units ordered and on route to RiF

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ETA for dispatch of LED spoke with capsules: April 30, 2019

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LED Dragon Staff Spoke

Hub-Nub, crystal case and Play knob/ flowcap for flowtoys capsule lights

BEHOLD the Brand-New “HUB-NUB” capsule connector


Our Hub-Nubs finally provide an LED Dragonstaff solution! Now, you can bring the light with you everywhere you go! LED Dragon Staff Spoke MODS are made for flowtoys capsule units.

  • Hub-Nub connector
  • Clear Play knob OR flowtoys flowcap
  • crystal case MOD
  • 7.8mm diameter threaded Steel Hub connection
  • Ultra durable
  • Modular with the following Hubs:
    • Threeworlds’ V3 & F3
    • FlowForm’s LEGENDARY Viper
    • *very likely* = Gora

Approx. 75 grams each spoke with capsule unit

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Empty LED Dragon Staff Spoke MOD | flowtoys capsule light