The Gold Flow additive enhances your flames with a golden sparkle as you fire spin.

Perfect to enhance your favorite prop or for a spectacular show finale, it will get your audience applauding!

Gold flow has a clean consistent gold sparkling effect. It has a predictable start, middle, and end. Rise – peak – fall.

  • Easy to apply – the powder soaks up excess fuel, creates an adhesive paste that clings to the wick.
  • Gold Flow only glows as it leaves the wick, providing maximum visibility and keeping your wicks safe.
  • Specially selected ingredients ensure it’s safe to touch and hold.
  • Made and designed by a special effects technician to ensure the best effects for your performance.
  • It’s also biodegradable – no need to worry about spills.

The entire packet of powder is applied firmly and evenly to the entire wick surface. Each packet will coat a single medium size pair of poi/staff ends, or several smaller wicks.

Weight: 40 grams

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