Safety Equipment Every Fire Dancer Should Have

Fire dancers create captivating performances, and it can be a powerful way to express your creativity. However, it’s also a highly dangerous sport that must be practiced with caution and responsibility. If you’re thinking of becoming a fire dancer, here are three pieces of safety equipment you should never be without. 

First Aid Kit

You can treat minor burns with cool water, but there are instances where you may encounter more serious damage or suffer a fall injury. Never work alone, and keep an assistant who has a First Aid kit and extinguisher on-hand at all times.

You can easily buy a burn-specific First Aid kit online that contains specialized equipment for dealing with burns. But if you want to make your own First Aid kit, before to include the following:

  • Cold packs
  • Gauze
  • Burn dressings
  • Burn gels
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Sterile scissors
  • Fire blankets

A Way to Clean Fuel Spills

Fire dancers have to always be alert and conscious of their surroundings. Fuel is considered a hazardous liquid, and it is important to have a spill kit designed to take care of any accidental spills that may occur. A fuel spill could quickly catch fire and lead to a major accident. A fuel station should be kept away from the audience and be used to collect drippings. You should also always be prepared with a fire blanket and extinguisher. 

The Right Clothing

You should never wear any loose garments that could easily catch fire. Leather pants are preferred by many fire dancers, but you can also try silk, wool, rayon, or another natural fabric. Avoid synthetic blends as much as possible as these melt and stick to the skin when burned.

You should also avoid any hair sprays, gels or other flammable chemicals on your body. However, fire retardant spray is a good choice for your performance wear.

Wetting your hair with water is best, and you should practice a full routine in every new costume before wearing it for a performance. Those with long hair should always have their hair tightly secured, preferably in a hat or head wrap of some kind.

With these safety supplies on-hand, you will be able to practice your fire dancing confidently and comfortably. Make sure you always practice with someone around, preferably your instructor or another fire dancer. Fire dancer safety is of the utmost importance for you, the audience and the environment. If you ever experience a serious burn or other injury, extinguish your flame and immediately seek medical attention.

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