Stunning Makeup Tips Every Live Performer Should Know

Whether you’re performing the role of a lifetime or just a bit part in a school production, getting up on stage is always a great experience. Live performers have a lot of unique challenges and responsibilities compared to recordings, one of which being the way they use makeup. Both in terms of what they use and how they use it, it’s a carefully considered part of the overall process. If you’re about to take the stage, try these three stunning makeup tips every live performer should know.

The Bolder the Better

Whether it’s Shakespeare, a music performance, or live magic, bold makeup is key. In order for your face to stand out against the lights and everything going on around you, plus be visible to those further from the stage, you need to try for a bolder look than you’d normally consider. A fire eater, for example, will want something that can both stand up against the flames while also emphasizing them, maybe even something that can sparkle or shimmer when catching the light.

Frame Your Eyes

The old saying goes that eyes are the windows to the soul. At least in performance, this is fairly true, as being able to clearly see a performer’s eyes is a big part of reading expressions. Without defined eyes, those further from the stage won’t be able to read emotions quite as well, making for what looks like a less impressive performance. Making good use of bold and expressive eyeliner and eye shadow is one way to achieve this. Mascara, fake lashes, lash extensions, and more are a good way to achieve this, too. If you have multiple performances to do in a short span of time, you can find tips for lasting lashes that can help you cut down your overall makeup application time for your performances.

Use the Real Deal

Saving money shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. This holds true for many things but especially makeup you plan to use in a live performance. Use the real deal when it comes to what you’re putting on your face, otherwise you risk it sweating off during the show. This can even be dangerous, as getting a bunch of running makeup in your eyes puts you and others at risk as you stumble around blind. Learn to tell the difference between real and fake makeup brands so you can make an informed decision on what to buy and use.


Makeup is one integral part of a good live performance. Whether you’re doing your own or telling others how you want things to look, remember these three tips for stunning live performance makeup so you can always look your best while wowing a crowd.

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